Changing rooms for fire departments – proven in practice, and safe

These fire brigade lockers in close cooperation with experienced experts. Technically state of the art, they are ideal for storing all personal equipment, while the depth of 600 mm and height of 2000 mm provide sufficient space for hanging modern firefighting clothing.

They also include clever details, such as the universal helmet holder solution and the security compartment with special combination lock. All designed to ensure that the clothing and equipment can be safely stored and quickly retrieved!

What may seem to be unimpressive details at first glance quickly turn out to be indispensable when a need for quick action is required! The security compartment door, for example, does not protrude beyond the housing, and thus avoids accidents – even when things get hectic.

Every need is individual, therefore, these fire department cabinets are enormously adaptable in the planning. Through various base variants and features we can find the right fire-fighting cabinet for your needs!

We are happy to plan your requirements.

Optional features:

Good drying properties for firefighting clothing thanks to the right cabinet dimensions: Height: 2000 mm, width: 500 mm, depth: 600 mm.

Hook rail on the side with three movable stainless steel hooks, e.g. for safety strap, rescue rope, breathing mask, etc.

Helmet holder for safe storage, good ventilation and drying, and quick and easy retrieval of all standard types of helmet.

Security compartment with internal foam-rubber mat to protect any valuables inserted with the door closed (insertion slot above the door). Important detail: Even when it is open, the security compartment door does not protrude beyond the housing and so leaves the walkway clear (= safety even in hectic changing situations).

Special combination lock with wipe and master-key function for safely storing valuables and personal items.

The boot mat absorbs water and dirt and protects the locker against damage. In the right position, it also ensures that the ventilation openings remain free. The mat is simple to remove and therefore superbly easy to clean.