e-procurement – The premium full-service for buyers!

Benefit from our premium service for buyers, consisting of the following components:

Catalog selection – more than 500.000 Products

Office, conference, security device | office supplies | reception and bistro | storage facility | factory equipment and supplies | environmental protection | transport technology | wheels and tires | tools

Special purchases & free text orders

Bundling over 5,000 suppliers | procurement of items of all businesses: e. g. sanitary | technical commercial article | laboratory supplies | medical aids | gardening articles | fastening technology

Services with expert network

All in one:
management of your furnishing project | UVV tests | shelf inspections | montages | spare parts service | consulting for ergonomics and health at work

  • 10x more items than traditional catalog providers

  • search engine optimized

  • costfree additional service for you

  • quick implementation

  • 1 creditor model

  • certified specialist

  • worldwide network

  • over 50 years experience

  • 75,000 projects

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Electronic c parts sourcing with BIN-Konzept©

Produkt Range

Our solid performance is based on an aggregate 500,000 articles in the areas of:

  • Office, business, warehouse and workshop facilities
  • Transport technology
  • Office suppliers
  • Occupational and enviromental protection
  • Tools
  • Sanitation
  • Electric
  • Landscaping

Many advantages

All produkt data are prepared by our experts for electronic catalogues. They are enriched with images, if necessary, with videos and with technical drawings. Thus, we offer users much better information than usual on the market.

Furthermore we offer:

  • Electronic Data provision for procurement systems in common import formats (e.g. xml) and classification systems (e.g. BMEcat®, UNSPSC)
  • Creating custom printed procurement catalogues

BIN Concept for maximised article coverage

Conventional electronic procurement is based on standard produkt ranges, such as office suppliers, electronics, packaging. Standard electronic processesare often associated with mapping only 70% of c-parts. On the other hand, however, frequently the target rate set for procurement is much higher, e.g. around 95%. Suppliers not in a position to provide data make it even harder to meet the target.

Using our in-house BIN (Bundling Industrial Needs) concept, on your behalf we bundle additional suppliers from whom you rarely source and who also as a rule represent low procurement value. In line with this concept we map all puchased articles and include them in your electronic catalogue. In this way procurement attains the target rate from c-parts soucing.

The BIN concept has been implemented by large corporate accounts.The flexibility of the concept is a major plus point.

Target attainment with BIN concept

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