SCHREIBER + WEINERT GmbH delivers high quality office swivel chairs to Colombia

12. Mar 2019|

SCHREIBER + WEINERT supports ergonomic seating in Colombian Airforce. This is how happy Lieutenant G. looks while using top notch Wagner swivel chair Alumedic 10. The chair was part of a delivery to the Fuerza Aérea Colombiana ( Colombian Air Force). [...]

Germanys Top Brand for Cameras contracts SCHREIBER + WEINERT

22. Jan 2019|

When it comes to ergonomics, SCHREIBER + WEINERT is in the spotlight. This has also been recognized by Leica Camera Corp.. From now on, selected employees work on office workstations equipped according to ergonomic aspects supplied by SCHREIBER+WEINERT. Accoding to a survey,, our customers [...]

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